here goes…….

here goes…….
21 Apr

So here I am with my first blog after toying with the idea for the last several months.

I have travelled to many place’s in the last twelve months, so this could not have been delayed any further. Sometimes, the travel clock ticks just too fast….!

I have a real passion for travelling and pack my bags atleast once a month, even if is for a weekend. The experience and excitement is never any less than a 7 night getaway…..

Many of my travels are based on modern/cultural architecture with a good mix of history, food and drink to make me feel I’m living the local life and getting a real taste of my surroundings which I will cover in my topics, after all this is my blog so can’t tell all here……

I love the feeling of visiting a new place, the sense of adventure and excitement will never get boring. I hope to show you this in my blog, and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Let’s travel together and walk this earth……

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